So Sunday it snowed quite a bit during the day and throughout the night. I was having breakfast before it started snowing and when I left it was a full blown blizzard driving on the roads. I grew up here in Montana so driving on slick, slushy, snowy roads aren't new to me but it seems like it's new to a lot of drivers. I was driving home and I saw cars driving too fast and losing traction and many others deciding that using their blinker was too much.


Why do some drivers get like this? I think it's because they think they know how to handle the roads and this type of weather. Unless you already have your studded snow tires on you are going to be slipping and sliding around. Driving in the snow can be fun but when you are in traffic and around other people it makes them nervous when you are speeding and look like your are losing control.

Listen, we all want to get where we are going as fast as we can but when this type of weather hits we need to be careful and maybe take things a little slower than usual. Give you and your car some extra space between other and always use your lights. Anything can happen in this weather. Take it from me, a few years ago I was driving back to Bozeman and hit some black ice and destroyed my car. Wasn't anybody's fault. I was going under the speed limit and you can't see those elements in this weather.

All I am saying is if the weather is snowy just make sure you take your time, relax and be careful. Montana weather doesn't like to

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