Do you love golf, drinks, food, and having a great time? Well, you should try visiting one of these spots. 

If you have been around the United States over the past several years, you know one of the most popular businesses is TopGolf. This is a driving range, arcade, and restaurant all rolled into one experience. 

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I first experienced TopGolf in Scottsdale, Arizona, and have been to other locations in Nashville and Las Vegas, and each one has a different setup. Whether you're there to work on your golf game, battle your friends, or goof around, TopGolf is the best place. 

TopGolf via Facebook
TopGolf via Facebook

Why am I bringing this up? Well, I thought TopGolf would only operate in climates where the weather is beautiful year-round. Over the past few years, TopGolf has built more locations in northern states such as Colorado, Utah, Washington, and Minnesota, which shows that one could be open in any region. 

TopGolf is set to open in Boise, Idaho soon, and that got me thinking—what if TopGolf opened a location in Montana? And where would that location be? 

The logical location would be Bozeman. Golf is very popular in the Bozeman area, and there are multiple golf courses within a thirty-minute drive. Plus, could you picture a TopGolf in Bozeman with the Bridger Mountains in the background? It would be gorgeous. 

TopGolf via Facebook
TopGolf via Facebook

Building a TopGolf in Bozeman would add another place for locals and tourists to enjoy their evenings no matter what time of the year. If a TopGolf did open in Bozeman, I could practice and try to be decent at golf one day. 

TopGolf in Montana is all hypothetical right now, but who wouldn't want to see a TopGolf location in Bozeman? It would be fun for everyone. Trust me. 

Check out TopGolf to learn more. 

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