Every time I mention Roundup, I have to look it up on a Montana map. But that town is super important to the giant Amazon supply chain. It's known as a prep center.

Roundup MT 1 - google maps

With so many of Amazon suppliers considered "third party", much organizing has to take place in order for those particular vendors to actually be distributed by Amazon and qualify for Prime delivery, etc.

To be clear, this prep center and those like it, are not directly overseen by Amazon.

Turns out that Roundup, Montana is home to a very important Amazon prep center, where those third party products are organized for Amazon delivery.

According to CNBC.com:

Prep centers have become an important part of Amazon’s vast supply chain. Though not overseen by Amazon directly, prep centers work with Amazon’s third-party sellers to get packages ready to be shipped to Amazon’s warehouses. CNBC traveled to Roundup, Montana to explore why a number of these prep centers have popped up in the area.

Roundup MT 2 - google maps

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