I always feel a sense of pride when a Montanan makes it into professional sports. The thing is, he might be one best prospects Montana has had in many years.

406 MT Sports is reporting that Whitefish local Jake Sanderson is the second Montanan to ever be drafted by an NHL team. The last Montanan to be drafted by an NHL team was Bigfork resident Bill Lindsey.

Credit: Ottawa Senators via Twitter

Sanderson, who is 18 years old, is about to start his freshman year at the University of North Dakota and is excited for the opportunity to play in the NHL.

Also, according to the NHL Draft Analysis, Jake Sanderson could be the first person born and trained in Montana to play in the NHL. That's pretty special and really cool to think about.

This is fantastic for Jake Sanderson. We don't see very many Montanans in professional sports. From football, baseball and hockey, it's a very selected few who make it and we are going to wish Jake Sanderson the best of luck with the Ottawa Senators.

No matter what hockey team you root for, you got to wish a Montanan the best of luck.

For more details, check out 406 MT Sports.