Are you one of those handy people that likes to repair and build things for yourself? If so, you are in a good place to do that. 

It's known that Montanans like to do things themselves. Whether the 'do-it-yourself' entails gardening, housework, or farming, locals like to be self-sustaining. A report from The Family Handyman seems to confirm that. 

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The Family Handyman ranked the Best Cities to Live For DIYers, and two Montana cities landed high on the list. Missoula and Billings were ranked highly because of the high number of hardware stores in these cities. You've got to supply the DIYer population somehow, right? 

Photo by Jo Szczepanska via Unsplash
Photo by Jo Szczepanska via Unsplash

The list put Montana as the number one state for DIYers, and it makes total sense. We live in a rural state, so Montanans get by with what they have and find innovative ways to make things work. 

My old roommate and his wife love doing DIY projects in their backyard. I saw them build three different garden beds, a small shack for tools, and some corn-hole boards.

Photo by Annie Gray via Unsplash
Photo by Annie Gray via Unsplash

DIY projects are something that people take pride in constructing, from blankets to chairs to jewelry. People love creating things with their own hands and feeling a sense of accomplishment. 

Even though Bozeman wasn't on the list, we should've been ranked higher than Billings. Bozeman has a lot of places to help out with your DIY projects. 

For more details, check out The Family Handyman

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