Most of us have our favorites when it comes to curse words. And while some of us might be a little harsher than others when it comes to our choice of swears, chances are that almost all of us have sworn once or twice.

My dad was a Navy man and I'm sure you're familiar with the expression, "cuss like a sailor". Well, that was true growing up in the Wolf house, so I was exposed to the finer art of swearing at an early age. In fact, one of the childhood memories that always makes me laugh is when I cussed for the first time in front of my father and he told me I "better watch my damn mouth."

There are many different curse words out there, but when it comes to the most popular, which one do Montanans go with?

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According to Mental Floss, Montanans don't hold back from our favorite cuss word. In fact, we're dropping bombs—as in, the F-Bomb. Yep, here in the Treasure State our favorite swear is the F word.

Now, before some of you that are a little more refined and cultured get offended, keep in mind that Montana is cowboy country. We're a little rougher around the edges than other parts. Much of Montana is still the wild west and when you're working the land and livestock, well, sometimes you have to swear a little.

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We aren't the only state in our region that likes to drop the F-Bomb, though. Washington, Oregon, and California all favored the F word as well. Over in North Dakota, they went with "hell," and down in Wyoming their favorite is "Schmidt" if you take every other letter out.

It seems they're a little more wholesome over in Idaho. The Potato State's favorite cuss word isn't really a cuss word at all, if you ask me. The favorite cuss word in Idaho?


So, let me ask you this: do you agree? As a Montanan, is your favorite cuss the F word? If not, what is it? Send us your favorite swear to our app chat.

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