Nothing is better on a hot day than getting a couple of cold scoops of ice cream to cool you down. There are tons of incredible classic ice-cream flavors out there, but if you're in the mood to try something new, it can be hard to find a unique flavor. 

Montana has some iconic ice cream shops that are extremely popular during the sunny months. Most of these businesses have multiple locations throughout the state. Big Dipper Ice Cream is one of Montana's more well-known ice cream shops and has stellar classic flavors. 

Wilcoxson's Ice Cream, based out of Livingston, distributes ice cream statewide and is available at many restaurants and candy shops. 

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Here in Bozeman, we have homegrown Genuine Ice Cream. Genuine Ice Cream has plenty of classic flavors, but also often has some unique ones thrown in the mix, like sweet corn or cardamom. We always look forward to their fun new flavors, which are almost constantly rotating in and out. 

Genuine Ice Cream via Facebook
Genuine Ice Cream via Facebook

Sweet Peaks Ice Cream, which has two shops in Bozeman, is another place you can find some unique flavors. Their Madagascar Vanilla is my personal favorite, but every three to four months they showcase some wild new flavors, like pine or campfire s'mores. 

Sweet Peaks Ice Cream via Facebook
Sweet Peaks Ice Cream via Facebook

One of the flavors they are currently showcasing is Bear Scat: an interesting name, but the ice cream is a chocolate/blueberry combo with mini chocolate chips and dried blueberries. You could also try Going to the Sun Road, which is a house-made honey sponge candy swirled into a sweet caramel cream. That sounds like a perfect summer treat. 

So if you want to take a break from the usual flavors and maybe get a little weird, give one of these ice creams a try. 

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