Out of all the places that could be locations for people who love modding out cars to meet up, why would they meet here?

Many people in the Gallatin Valley are passionate about cars. Whether they love classic cars or modding vehicles with loud exhausts, race spoilers, and fancy lights, there is a dedicated community. If you love cars, where do these folks meet up and talk about cars or show off their new additions? I think I know the answer.

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This past weekend, I was hungry and decided to grab a late-night bite at McDonald's on Main Street and noticed the most peculiar thing. In the Hobby Lobby parking lot, around a dozen modded cars were driving laps around and hanging out.

Photo by Sonny Mauricio via Unsplash
Photo by Sonny Mauricio via Unsplash

These cars were zipping around the parking lot, playing tunes, and the owners of the vehicles were also hanging out and talking. I live close to the Hobby Lobby parking lot, and for months I've been hearing cars revving their engines, sounds of racing, and I had no idea where it was coming from.

You might think the Hobby Lobby parking lot is an odd place for cars to meet up, but it's a well-lit parking lot where people can meet up and feel safe. Plus, all the open space to show off your car helps that cause.

Photo by Jakob Rosen via Unsplash
Photo by Jakob Rosen via Unsplash

The downside to these owners' meeting in the Hobby Lobby parking lot is the area has an absurd amount of massive potholes everywhere. With their modded cars sitting a little low to the ground, they are in danger of scraping the bottom of their vehicle.

If you are looking to show off your modded vehicle and don't know where to go, apparently there are local locations where you will find like-minded individuals.

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