We could be waiting for a while to see big movies back in the theaters if this pandemic keeps going.

Regal Cinemas nationwide closed their doors on October 8th due to the lack of attendance from people to come back to the theater. The problem wasn't really Regal Cinemas, they had great plans and clean atmospheres and fantastic rules in place to protect their customers. The problem was more or less the lack of new movies coming out in theaters helping bring back the crowds or excitement.

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All of the big movies have been getting postponed to 2021 or late 2020 and even then, the movies that have been postponed to the end of 2020 and might get pushed into 2021. Some films have been dumped on streaming services(Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+) but I've had multiple people as me when I think the theater here in Bozeman will reopen.

That's tricky, because even though I want to see them reopen as soon as possible they need new movies to bring back the crowds and the cases of COVID-19 needs to go way down for this to be a possibility of reopening. Regal Cinemas tried to play older movies to fill up the theaters with blockbusters and beloved films such as Jurassic Park, The Lord of the Rings and more but people weren't interested in that.

So when will Regal Cinemas reopen? Realistically? The best chance is if cases of COVID-19 go down and the big blockbusters that are set to come out at the end of 2020 still hold firm, my best guess is December 2020.

We realistically could see Regal Cinemas reopen for Wonder Woman on Christmas Day and that would be a Christmas miracle.

We will keep our eye on this story but all we can do right now is hope.

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