When will this venue finally open up?

Logjam Presents, who owns venues like The Wilma, Kettleouse Amphitheater and books shows for The Rialto announced, what seems like years ago, a new venue coming to Bozeman...

The Elm on 7th.

As many folks, we got excited about this venue. It would be roughly the same size of The Wilma and would bring in the fantastic music Missoula has been getting at The Wilma for years.

The Elm was supposed to be done Winter 2020 and we thought that would be January/February 2020 but the construction looked like it would need a lot more work.

So maybe they were more suggesting late Winter 2020(November/December).

That's so long away.

Hopefully it will be worth the wait. The building looks like it will be incredible and will be great place to watch concerts that Bozeman deserves.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that The Elm gets finished sooner rather than later.