When I decided to move to Bozeman for a job, I was pretty excited to "declutter" my life. By declutter I mean, get rid of the clothes I don't wear, the junk that I had been holding on to for no apparent reason, and get my life all sorted and...minimal. Not really the case. I can not be the only person in Bozeman with this issue.

I have to move out of my apartment in the next day or two, so I was smart and started packing ASAP. I had my Rubbermaid bins all set, was ready to get it going, and thought, "good thing I don't have very much stuff!" Ummm...or do I?

I got rid of so much clothing prior to my move here, yet I still have like 7 bins FULL of clothes. Many times in the last day or two I thought, "have I ever even worn this", and "where did this even come from"? Please tell me I am not the only female who has this problem. Here is the part that really gets me wondering, anyone who knows me, knows I am a jeans/leggings and a hoodie girl. So why I have a denim jumper has me completely baffled.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

So ONCE AGAIN, I have "decluttered" my clothes, hopefully better than I did the first time, because this is out of control.

Next I realize, I will never have to buy socks again. Parents...you know what I am talking about, the bin of "socks looking for a mate" that is always over flowing. I took an hour, searched the entire house and found most of the missing matches. With that being said, I am now the proud owner of 40 pairs of socks...so that's cool.

A little tip for anyone moving, start a donate box and just keep putting stuff in it every time you decide, "I'll never wear this". It may help you avoid the mess I just sorted.

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