Many of us are on the go, whether it be for lunch or dinner, for ourselves or family. Sometimes you don't have time to make your meal but you want to get something that is delicious, affordable, and won't deteriorate by the time you get home.

Love Food came out with a list of the Top Takeout Spot in Every State and there are many places you could choose in Montana that would fit that bill. The spot they chose for Montana sadly was in Missoula. Bridge Pizza was named the top takeout spot.

Bridge Pizza in Missoula is an institution. Right on Higgins, Ave, Bridge Pizza is known for their pizza by the slice but their menu is full of great food items that are perfect for takeout. From sandwiches to pasta and I recommend their wings, everything there is pretty delicious.

Photo by Quin Engle via Unsplash
Photo by Quin Engle via Unsplash

This got me thinking, who has the best takeout in the Gallatin Valley? If you are looking for delicious, affordable, and great takeout food, many spots in the Gallatin Valley fit the bill.

Our personal choices for best takeout in our area would have to include Mr. Burritos (burritos are great for every meal), University Burger (they travel very well), Thai Basil (incredible food), and also definitely Tarantino's Pizza or Cosmic Pizza.

All of these spots are super affordable, fast, and their food travels very well. Not gonna lie, just thinking about all this food is making me very, very hungry. Might have to get something to go on my way home.

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