Need to do last minute shopping for the BBQ or dinner? Want to get some yardwork done while you have the day off? Need food or a drink? What will be open?

Most places will be closed on Memorial Day but thanks to Thrillist we know of a few spots that will be open to help take care of those last minute needs. Check out these spots tomorrow for help.

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    Grocery Stores

    Most grocery stores will be closed except Safeway, Walmart and Target will be open tomorrow with normal hours. So if you need some last minute stuff for food or dinner these are the spots to go.

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    Yard Work

    There will be quite a few people getting yardwork done and both Lowe's and Home Depot will be open to help you out.

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    Quite a few of the bars will be open tomorrow starting early afternoon. So if you need a drink or a place to get together with friends I would go downtown.

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