Friday, May 6th is a big day here in Bozeman and Gallatin County. Of course, we're talking about "Give Big". The annual event is, and pardon the pun, a big deal.  For 24 hours folks have the privilege of doing something that will no doubt change lives in our area.

So how big is Give Big?

Well, according to the website, they've raised over 8.5 million dollars in the last eight years here in Bozeman and Gallatin County. Of course, that money goes to help local people and local organizations here in our area and no doubt benefits all of us here in the community.

In fact, just taking a look at last year's numbers alone, is pretty incredible.  Check this out:

"In 2021 alone, Give Big brought 6,269 community members together to raise $2,698,018 in just 24-hours for 210 local nonprofits."

So, then what exactly is Give Back and Give Big?  I'm glad you asked!  Give Back and Give Big is a chance for a few of the different non-profit organizations to be highlighted on Big Give Friday. Derek and Megan from the XL Country Morning Show and Jesse James from the XL Afternoon Show will be stopping by six different organizations throughout the day and broadcasting from their locations to learn about what they do and how they help the community.


First, we will be at Cancer Support Community Montana from 9 am until 10 am. Megan will be there checking out the facility and letting us know about all the great work they do to help those affected by cancer here in Montana.

Then Jesse will be at Kenyon Noble here in Bozeman for the Gallatin Valley YMCA from 10 am until 11 am. We'll find out about all of the wonderful programs the Y offers not only for the kids this summer but for folks of all ages, all year long.

Our third stop will be at Schnee's on Main Street here in Bozeman from 11 am until noon with Derek.  HRDC will be there and we'll be talking to them about all of the different things they have going on around the area. HRDC helps thousands of folks each week in our area from housing and transportation to senior assistance and nutrition.

Red heart in child and mother's hands

Next, Jesse James will make his second stop of the day and will be at Thrive on Babcock from 12 pm until 1 pm. Thrive's mission is "For all children to have the opportunity to grow, succeed, and become valuable members of our community."  Thrive has programs for all families and really is one of those organizations that makes a difference every day.

Megan will head over to the Great Gallatin United Way and will be broadcasting there from 1 pm until 2 pm on Give Big Friday. The Great Gallatin United Way of course helps out a ton of people around Bozeman and Gallatin County. In fact, according to their website they've given out over a half-million dollars in local scholarships within the last year, and that is just the beginning of what they do.


Finally, we will wrap up the day with Derek over at Family Promise from 2 pm until 3 pm. Family Promise has a brand new facility, which is appropriate when you consider that the number of families they serve has gone up over 600 percent in the last couple of years. We'll be talking about all of the different services they provide, including their daycare program, which is top-notch.

Of course, these are just a few of the great organizations that need your help on Friday, May 6th, and while we wish we could visit with each one, there is simply not enough time.  We're just extremely grateful that our area has so many organizations that are able to help those in need, and if you can, please donate to Give Big starting next Friday.

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