Every week it seems like a new restaurant or business comes to the Gallatin Valley. The thing is, not every restaurant makes it.

One building that has had it's share of trouble is the old Fuddruckers building near the Gallatin Valley Mall.

Twice, Fuddruckers tried to succeed but just couldn't find the crowd. Maybe though, something else could succeed in that location. Here are a few ideas.

  • 1

    P.F. Chang's

    The Asian Cuisine and Chinese food franchise has a menu of delicious food and the Gallatin Valley needs more variety.

  • 2

    Panera Bread

    This location would make sense for Panera Bread. It's close to a young populated/high trafficked area of Bozeman and would be completely different than anything other restaurant in it's nearest vicinity.

  • 3

    Another Sushi Restaurant

    The hunger for more sushi restaurants is evident with the current ones such as Dave's, Seven, etc. always being pretty busy. With nothing like that cuisine in the area, it could be a home run.

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