There are so many towns and cities that could be considered for a perfect setting in a Hallmark movie.

If there is one channel(s) that my mom(and my dad but he won't admit it) get enough of is the Hallmark Channel or the Hallmark Christmas Channel. If you don't know what these channels are, they make the most generic romance movies ever created in these beautiful scenic towns.

Many people love watching the Hallmark Channel or the Hallmark Christmas Channel over the next few months because of the holidays so that got me thinking, what Montana towns/cities would be a perfect location for a Hallmark movie?

Photo by Hide Obara via Unsplash
Photo by hiding Obara via Unsplash

There have been two Hallmark movies set in Montana. Christmas in Montana was set in Bigfork, Montana and A Summer Romance was set in Southwest Montana. Bigfork is a great location for a movie during any time of year. It's close to two lakes, has a scenic downtown, and is surrounded by forests.

If we were to choose any other towns/cities that should have Hallmark movies we would have to say Whitefish, Philipsburg, and Bozeman would all be very enticing locations and perfect.

Whitefish would be the best setting for a Christmas movie. Their downtown is adorned in decorations and has a gorgeous ski resort just minutes away. Philipsburg would be another great location because they are a fantastic small town that has a lot of history. Then there is Bozeman. Bozeman would be perfect for any type of Hallmark movie. Christmas is huge in Bozeman with our Christmas Stroll celebration and during the 'nice' months is where people usually fall in love with Montana.

Do you guys agree with me? Or are there other Montana towns that should be considered? All I know is I am not looking forward to watching these movies over Christmas. Pray for me.

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