With Thanksgiving right around the corner, meal preparations can be a bit stressful. How big of turkey do you need, what type of vegetables you'll have, desserts, and drinks are fogging the minds of many.

It can really wear on a person, especially if you are the host. With the last couple of Thanksgivings being "canceled" or "limited" to the amount of guests you can have over, this year will get to feel a bit more normal.

Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash
Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

There is an issue that comes with this, one being a food shortage in stores and two being the fact that a lot of people like to be "treated" to Thanksgiving Dinner instead of having to prepare it.

It has been obvious over the last few months that we have a hiring/staffing issue here in Bozeman. Some of the restaurants you have been able to go to and count on for Thanksgiving dinner will not be able to accommodate you or your family this Thanksgiving. It is a sad reality.

I need the help of our awesome community to compile a list of restaurant that WILL be open. This is your time to shine as a restaurant owner, charity member, or local great citizen to help each other out. Let's get the list going so the families that do count on our local restaurants and food assistance programs, can enjoy the holiday like we have so often in the past.

So I ask YOU Bozeman, who will be open for Thanksgiving Dinner and are their any Nonprofits doing a free/discounted Thanksgiving Dinner? Let's see what you got.

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