Do you remember that chant that you would say during sporting events when the other team did something they would consider significant? The chant was "O-VER RAT-ED" followed by three claps. It was annoying to do and also annoying to hear.

An Instagram influencer named Matt (@mattsurelee), does controversial polls and this is by far one of my favorites he has done.

He asks a question and then creates an image based on the answers received. In this poll, he asked, "What is the most overrated city in each state". After the people answered the question, I wasn't really surprised considering the nickname that is given.

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If you guessed Boz-Angles you would be correct. (Or however, you spell the ridiculous nickname)

Not only has the town grown in population but it has also grown in "boujee-ness". From what once was a small western town full of authentic cowboy hats and boots has now turned into a town of almost 60k.


People often think of the invasion of California, Oregon, and Washington when they think of Bozeman. That or the hit series Yellowstone; but if you base Bozeman on that entirely, then you are missing the bigger picture.

Bozeman is not overrated for beauty, community support, and of course our MSU Bobcats.

What city/town would you consider the most overrated in the state?

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