Want to start the school year off right and in high spirits? Well, we are here to help you.

96.7 KISS FM has teamed up with Town & Country FoodsTown Pump, and Chalet Sports to bring you a massive giveaway at Catapalooza on Monday, August 22nd, on the Montana State Campus.

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What could we be giving away? Well, Town & Country Foods, Town Pump, and Chalet Sports are each giving away a $100 gift card. So you could win $300 worth of gift cards! Who wouldn't want that? 

The next question is, how do you enter to win? Well, it's relatively simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the 96.7 KISS FM App
  2. Click on the App Chat button
  3. Answer this question: Why did you choose to go to Montana State University? 
  4. Message your answer in, and we will choose one lucky winner to receive $300 in gift cards. 

Seems simple, right? The best part is this giveaway isn't just open to new and returning students going to Montana State University. If you are an alumnus, you can message us why you chose to come to Bozeman when you were graduating high school. We would love to know what drew you to Bobcat nation and this beautiful town. 

Montana State University via Facebook
Montana State University via Facebook

You have today, August 17th, through Monday, August 22nd at 5 PM. 

If you want to meet me and win some other goodies, come to the Centennial Mall on the Montana State Campus from 10 AM to 5 PM on Monday, August 22nd, for Catapalooza. 

Want to thank our sponsors again, Town & Country Foods, Town Pump, and Chalet Sports, for helping out. 

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