Main Street in Bozeman is about to see a restaurant that offers something different than the usual fare. 

Farmacy is a restaurant in Bozeman located off of Huffine Lane, known for only offering vegetarian and vegan options. Farmacy offers sandwiches, salads, and more. Their establishment has been a massive hit with many locals. Well, we are pleased to announce we have some good news. 

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Farmacy plans to move right across from Bozeman High School on Main Street. This location will be right next to 9 Round Fitness and will have plentiful traffic. 

According to Instagram, Farmacy decided to move to a smaller location because the original spot was too big, and to survive they needed to move. They picked a great new location. 

Farmacy via Facebook
Farmacy via Facebook

This move will help bring more visibility to their restaurant and it could end up being a popular lunch location for Bozeman High School students. Plus, being near Montana State University provides another group of customers. 

Farmacy is one of the only vegetarian/vegan restaurants in the entire Gallatin Valley area. The only other business that offers that type of food is Starseed, which operates out of a food truck. 

Farmacy via Facebook
Farmacy via Facebook

Many restaurants offer some vegetarian or vegan options, but Farmacy serves only plant-based food items. The plan is for this new Farmacy location to open this fall. 

So there is no official date, but we figure the opening will probably be within the next couple of months. The sign is out, and visible to the street, so Farmacy is getting ready. 

For more details, check Farmacy's Instagram

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