We have all seen vanity plates and wonder what kind of person would ever do that to their car. Why would anybody want "H8trz'"on their car plate? Why did they decide to go with those words? Are they full of themselves or do they simply enjoy spreading messages? So I thought I would give an argument to both sides.


Let's start here, shall we? I was driving behind a Subaru Impreza and their plate read 'SuBAEru'. Get it? This car is their bae. Plus, they had roughly ten stickers on the window about their love of their car (wheels over heels, pizza slut, etc.) My friends and I always talk about people who have vanity plates and and wonder what the point is. You really wanted that personalized plate? Do you really think you are that clever? Typically when I see a vanity plate I roll my eyes, it just seems like a waste of energy and money to get a vanity plate. Unless you are a business with company cars, that is the only reason I can see getting a vanity plate. There might be another reason though.

I can also see situations where getting a vanity plate might make sense. When it comes to a classic car, people might wonder what it is and then they can find out by looking at your plate. I have met many classic car enthusiasts with vanity plates and the reason why they have those is because they are proud of their cars. In cases like that I think it's OK to have a vanity plate.

What do you think? Do you think I am overreacting or are they ridiculous? Let me know your thoughts.


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