We have seen the price of cars, trucks, vans, etc. sky rocketing across the United States. It seems like the last couple of years the prices have gotten so ridiculously high that people are having a hard time getting a new vehicle if they wanted to.

I bought my vehicle a year ago, used, from a guy on Facebook Marketplace. We had one mutual friend and he was 6 hours from me. I trusted my friends opinion that he was a good guy and not going to scam me.

She said "he is really nice, his wife is great and they are looking for a bigger vehicle, because baby number two is on the way". It made sense, and the price was right, so I went for it.

I feel lucky that I found it when I did, because I would have never been able to fork out $50k for a new one, nor did I want to. I am totally fine finding a used vehicle in good condition and calling it new.

Photo by Ryan Searle on Unsplash
Photo by Ryan Searle on Unsplash

I have seen some crazy high priced vehicles on Facebook Marketplace lately and it has me in shock! Some have 200+ thousand miles and the people are asking over $15,000 for them! I am like "whaaaaaat the"! But then I look on Kelly Blue Book and am shocked that they are asking a very reasonable price. It stuns me.

So I decided to see what my little car was worth. So I used Kelly Blue Book, that's what I have used forever, I think it's pretty trust worthy and all be darned...to my surprise, my car is worth more than what I bought it for!

Maybe it's the area we live in? Maybe it's the fact that new vehicles are so crazy expensive right now? Maybe its just "what it is". Either way, is this the time for people to be selling? Would you purchase off of marketplace like I did?

Is it smart to sell and purchase something a little older and pocket some cash? You guys are the experts, what would you do? Is now the perfect time to sell your vehicle while "used" prices are high?

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