I've never actually seen anyone other than little kids messing around on snowboards in town. Apparently, if you build it (the hand rail), they will come.

It looks like most of this video was shot over in Butte but the guys from "frontside, backside" just describe the location as "Montana".

(Heads up....the music like fingernails on a chalkboard so go ahead and mute the sound for a minute.)

According to the official listing listing on VIMEO:

A couple quick trips to Montana with the Snooze homies and "FSBS2" was born. A very enjoyable January.

Featuring Forest Bailey, Parker Szumowski, Mike Ravelson, Colton Morgan, Tucker Andrews and Patrick McCarthy.

Film/Edit: Seamus Foster
Additional Filming: Colton Morgan and Matt Bernard

I'm very unclear who the "Snooze homies" are but here's their official website :-)

You know you're getting old when you watch stuff like this and just think "why on earth....God that must hurt...."

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