This is really putting a dent in my plans to head north and visit our friendly neighbors in Canada.

USA Today is reporting that the United States Department of Homeland Security will be extending border restrictions to Canada through Tuesday, September 21st for non-essential travel. So if you are planning on going to Canada from Montana anytime soon, you will have to wait another month.

The border was supposed to open back on Monday, August 9th to tourists but with the rise of COVID-19 Delta variant cases the United States put that on pause till Saturday, August 21st. Now they have decided to extend the restrictions through September.

Even though folks have been getting vaccinated more recently that has not stopped the rise of COVID-19 cases recently and has put pressure to keep the borders closed for a little bit longer.

I've been waiting all year for the border to finally open so I can travel north to Canada and go on a big road trip to Saskatoon to see some friends and then head over to Banff. This is just putting a delay on my plans even more but I totally understand why they keep extending the restrictions. Better safe than sorry.

Believe me though, as soon as that border is open I am heading up to Saskatchewan and Alberta to see some of my old Canadian friends because it's been too long.

The border between Montana and Canada is still only open for essential travel and trade.

For more details, check out the whole report from USA Today.

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