With the announcement that DC’s Green Lantern Corps film would feature two separate lead characters  —  Hal Jordan and John Stewart  —  fans have been wondering which actors could ultimately land these roles. Jordan has been linked to actors like Chris Pine, Armie Hammer, and Tom Cruise (really); meanwhile, actors like Sterling K. Brown and Common have actively campaigned for the role of Stewart. And now, years after the film was first announced, one actor who has been rumored from the very beginning dropped a not-so-subtle hint that he might end up being the one to wear the green power armor.

Tyrese Gibson recently took to Instagram (via Heroic Hollywood) to share a piece of concept art depicting himself as the famous member of the Green Lantern Corps. The photo also includes a simple caption: “It’s time,” perhaps suggesting that after years of rumors, he’s finally landed the iconic role. Here’s the post:

It's time

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Those of you with long memories (or good search engines) will remember that Tyrese has been a popular choice for Green Lantern Corps since even before the film was officially announced. The actor made headlines back in 2015 when he admitted he’d “already had a couple of meetings at Warner Bros.” and felt that he would be “the best Green Lantern.” Warner Bros. also announced earlier this year that it was looking to move another film into production before the end of 2017, but with Wonder Woman just weeks away at this point, things might move pretty quickly if that movie lives up to its box office potential. Tyrese may not be my first choice to play any superhero  —  especially not when there are rumors that Trevante Rhodes is also in competition for the role  —  but I’m willing to take anyone at this point to get the damn ball rolling on this film.

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