Tyga has incited the ire of the Kardashian clan, who feel a recent court absence on his part has hurt the family's brand.

The "Rack City" rapper (remember that song??) failed to appear in court yesterday (August 9), despite being summoned by a Los Angeles-area judge to answer questions about his finances, according to TMZ.

The judge has since issued a warrant for Tyga's arrest, and the Kardashians are, apparently, not pleased. TMZ goes on to report several family members called Tyga once they heard he’d skipped court, and effectively told him it would reflect negatively on the entire group if he were arrested while he was with his girlfriend Kylie Jenner.

Tyga is reportedly vacationing in Turks and Caicos with Kylie right now, in celebration of the reality star's 19th birthday.

The 26-year-old allegedly surprised his teen girlfriend with a $200,000 car (Kylie showed it off on Instagram three days ago, as is her way), which sparked this whole court ordeal in the first place.

Tyga’s former landlord was recently awarded a $480,000 judgment after the rapper fell behind on his rent payments and left his Malibu home severely damaged. Yesterday's scheduled court hearing was meant to further understand Tyga's assets and what he does with his money.

The landlord’s attorney, Daniel Abir, released a statement about Tyga’s failure to appear and issued a warning to Kylie in the process, saying via USA Today, "It is clear that Mr. Stevenson thought he had better things to do, like buy his girlfriend Kylie Jenner a new $189,000 Maybach while continuing to claim poverty. Kylie shouldn’t get too comfortable in her new car; it’s unlikely to be hers much longer."

Kylie, meanwhile, has stayed out of her boyfriend's financial drama, choosing to celebrate her birthday with an appropriative hairstyle instead, because she never learns from her past transgressions!

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