UPDATE: Their relationship may be over, but love, it seems, will always live on between one-time Calabasas power couple Tyga and Kylie Jenner.

Speaking to TMZ outside LAX on Friday (May 13), the rapper gave a little insight into the pair's breakup.

Catching him outside the airport, a pararazzo asked him, "Did age difference play a factor in the breakup?"

"Uh, I think, you know, we're both just focusing on our lives, our individual lives right now, you know?" Tyga responded, adding sagely, "Sometimes things don't work out. But, you know, I love her."

"There [will] always be love between the two of you?" the photographer followed up, to which the artist replied, "For sure."

ORIGINAL POST (MAY 12): Welp, love is dead. It appears to be official, at least according to the (more often than not accurate) sources at TMZ: Kylie Jenner and Tyga are no more. Over. Done. Kaput!

According to the report, the break-up officially went down before the 2016 Met Ball, where Kylie noticeably did not show up with Tyga. And, apparently, it was not a clean break, either.

"We're told Kylie was bent out of shape that Tyga had the nerve to go to the Met Ball. He was only invited because of her, and she's mad at herself that she didn't think to have him made persona non grata," the site reports.

Why they broke up (again) is unclear, but it seems there may be a new woman in the picture already: "Tyga took his mom and a model to Mother's Day lunch...and he's not telling his friends whether she's his new GF." Oh!

Granted, this isn't the first time the two have broken up.

Whether or not the timing of this relationship's collapse has anything to do with Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian's recent engagement-pregnancy-copyright registering of baby name? Unclear, but...oh, who are we kidding? We're sure we'll see this all play out on television, anyway.

RIP Kyga! Or Tylie? Something like that.

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