Lots of cheap places to live huh? Might need to take a gander at this.

WalletHub came out with a ranking of 2020's Best and Worst Places to Rent in the United States and two Montana cities made the list.

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Billings landed at the list at #15 and Missoula landed at #65. Which honestly, is pretty darn good.

The two categories that WalletHub used were Rental Market and Affordability Rank and Quality of Life Rank.

Billings ranked #5 for Rental Market and Affordability but ranked at #133 for Quality of Life. The things that probably brought down their quality of life ranking are due to they are one of the worst cities to drive in and cause Montana ranks in the middle for coronavirus support.

The reason why Bozeman isn't on the list is because the list is composed of the 150 most populous cities in America and the two most populous cities in each state. So Bozeman didn't make the list.

Here's the thing, Bozeman might not be ranked very high on this list.

My reasoning behind that is due to our Quality of Life ranking would probably be pretty high, the rental market and affordability market is down right awful right now.

Finding a place to rent in Bozeman is extremely difficult and especially for a decent price. I know that affordable housing has been a Bozeman issue for a long time but it's getting worse every year. Hopefully they can get it figured out soon.

For more details and to see the whole list, check out Wallet Hub.


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