This is the type of world record every young Montanan would dream of completing, but who knows the injuries you could endure.

It's not often world records are broken in Montana. Montana still holds a few records for weather-related activities, but it's not often we see pure feats of athleticism or insanity that break world records.

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Some world records are fun, like the largest pizza ever made, but some world records could end up putting you in a hospital or dead. This world record is the latter.

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A few days ago, one world record was broken near the city of Great Falls, and it's a world record that would put a smile on any rancher or farmer's face.

Unofficial Networks reports that extreme sports icon Travis Pastrana came to Montana to break a world record, and it's unique, hilarious, and dangerous. Travis Pastrana and his team broke the world record for the biggest tractor tire jump, and it will make you dizzy watching it. Check out the video.

They took extra safety precautions by adding a safety chair inside the 2,000-pound tire, but you couldn't convince many to do this stunt. The tire was so heavy it had to be hoisted up by a crane to set it up on the ramp.

My favorite part of the video is when the tire diverts from the dirt track and takes the rider on a little journey through a Montana field. I would have gone into panic mode, but it seems like this guy is a seasoned vet for stunts like this.

Even though Travis Pastrana wasn't in the tire to break the world record, he was still a part of making history.

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Don't be surprised if you see kids this winter making ramps and trying to break this new world record.

For more details, check out Unofficial Networks.

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