I'm guessing our jam-packed tourist season is to blame for most of these (sort of) ridiculous bad reviews. They say more about a Bozeman attitude than anything about the actual establishment. That's pretty unfair in my opinion.

Petty, petty stuff, man.

I personally have never left a Yelp review, but I sure as hell wouldn't leave one unless something really drastic happened. Who needs to bitch about one dirty glass as long as you got a clean one? Is a 20 minute wait THAT big of a deal? Yelp people are way more high strung than I am.

Every once in a while we search through our local Yelp for either the best of the best or the worst of the worst. This time, we noticed a huge number of reviews of all kinds left specifically by out-of-towners. (They said so in their reviews.)

So what did these picky tourists have to say? Let's take a look. (The following excerpts are taken directly from Yelp reviews. No editing or spell checking.)

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1 Star review of a downtown Main Street Bar: "Horrible place unless you are part of the chosen clique and from Montana. Rude servers and guys at the door are arrogant and bullies unless you are young and female. Will never return to this nasty place"

1 Star review of a bar west of Bozeman: (This one is so ridiculous, I just can't with this person...) "To say I am disappointed is an understatement. I brought my sister from Minnesota with me who recently turned 21 and they refused to serve her because she had not received her official ID yet"

1 Star review of a Mid-Town bar/restaurant: "What a joke. If Bozeman is so proud of their "locals bar", they should really pick a better bar. What a low class dive."

1 Star review of an off-Main Street bar/restaurant: "Lovely. Another cow town trying their best to be a real grown up L.A. bar. Nice try. Your servers need to actually know what's in a few drinks."

1 Star review of a Belgrade bar: (Language police! Note, it's a BAR, Karen) "My major complaint about this place is the swearing and four letter words used by a lot of the patrons."

1 Star review of a downtown bar/restaurant...damn the gluten!: "It's so sad and annoying. I feel bad for the wait staff. Change or update the menu and add more GF options and make the meatballs GF."

1 Star review of a downtown Main Street Bar: "As a visitor from Texas, I have never received such poor service from a bartender. We flew in on Monday, checked in, ate dinner, and then decided to grab a drink to cap off the night. Little did we know that the bartender would confiscate our I.Ds because we appeared underage."

1 Star review of a north Bozeman Bar: (This one is classic. Most people would be thrilled for the convenience of after-show weed.) "The last time I went to a show the door guy was drunk when I showed up fifteen minutes into the openers set. At the end of the night the same guy walked up to a friend and I and said "so which one of you is going to give me $40 for some weed?"

1 Star review of a downtown Main Street Bar: (I love this one...as if an adult can't see the weather or get their own damn Uber, taxi, friend, whatever. Closing time is closing time. Plan ahead, young Karen.) "It was fun until closing time. We were trying to find a ride home and they didn't care to help us find one or give any suggestions. And the fact that it was raining didn't matter to them. They just said get out and figure it out."

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