Have you ever had a tough time figuring out where to take your date out to dinner? Well, I have had that same problem, but I have gone a few dates here in Bozeman, and I found some solid places for a great first date or even just a regular date.

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    Montana Ale Works

    This place is phenomenal for dinner and has a great atmosphere. The only problem is they are usually slammed and hard to get a table, that's why I recommend reserving a table. You will be put into a non-busy room and will be able to have easy conversations during your meal.

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    Red Chair Cafe

    Even though this place isn't located in downtown Bozeman, don't worry, it's awesome. I have taken a few dates here and the food, atmosphere and beer selection are always fantastic. Plus, the view from the second floor is great during the summer.

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    Copper Whiskey

    I like the Copper a lot. The food is always fantastic and the service is the best. Plus, their prices aren't too bad, especially if you are on a date.

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    Seven Sushi

    I love this place. It's nice and spread out so you can have a great conversation. They have a great happy hour menu and walking in and not making a reservation wait time isn't bad at all.

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    Cafe Fresco

    This little hidden gem is right on Mendenhall and their food is crazy good. Check out their menu online and you will see a variety of Italian cuisine they offer.