Let's face it: We are all vain. We live in a selfie world where we can contort our face to look a certain way before we snap that "perfect" shot. When someone takes our picture - now that's a different story. How do we know we look okay if we can't see ourselves? Oh, the struggle. Here's how: 

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen seem to take the same pictures over and over again. Minus about 4 photos, they are all really good photos. The twin actresses share their tip for looking good in every photo.

The concept is simple:

Whisper the word "prune" before you get your picture.

The "PR" sound will purse your lips while the "UNE" relaxes your mouth. Purse + Relax = Great photo.

Try it! Pruuuunes...

credit: Dave Kotinsky via Getty Images Entertainment