We all know that finding breakfast in Bozeman is easy but the problem is every place seems to be packed to the brim with people and wait times are very long.

Luckily there are some places that don't get enough credit for their great breakfast and usually have plenty of room for everyone.

So, here are our Top Three Underrated Breakfast Spots in Bozeman.

  • 1

    Sola Cafe

    This place doesn't get enough credit. Near the MSU campus, Sola Cafe only offers brunch on the weekends. Food comes out quick and delicious and worth every penny.

  • 2

    Lot G Cafe

    Located in the Cannery District, Lot G Cafe serves breakfast and lunch everyday and all day. They don't get enough credit because they aren't downtown but a great choice to get away from the crowds.

  • 3

    Cat's Paw

    This might be hard to comprehend but the Cat's Paw breakfast is very good. From their chicken fried steak to steak and eggs, the Cat's Paw is a gem to have breakfast with a big group of people or if you are battling a hangover from the night before.

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