Apparently adding a rest area in Three Forks has a lot of people upset and there has been some push back on the construction.

A few months ago we talked about the huge renovation of Highway 287's exit near Three Forks and this includes a brand new rest area for wearing travelers and construction on this site was to start at the end of the 2021 Summer. The thing is some folks in Three Forks, don't want the rest area.

Hundreds of people have signed a petition who oppose the Headwaters Rest Area project and have even asked Governor Greg Gianforte to step in and stop it. The reason they don't want the rest area is they believe that adding this rest area will harm community safety, the environment, and other issues.

So if you don't know, the only rest area in the Gallatin Valley is the one off of 19th Avenue in Bozeman and once the Headwaters Rest Area is built, the Bozeman location will be shut down. The reason for the Headwaters Rest Area is a bigger-sized rest area, more access for folks to stretch their legs or walk their animals, and for folks to have a place to sleep on long journeys.

Plus, that 19th Avenue area is very valuable and would be the perfect site for a new business to take over.

I understand the folks of Three Forks being upset but as of right now this project will start very soon and there isn't really anything they can do to stop it.

Here are all the details on the upcoming Headwaters Rest Area Project.

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