You might want to wait to go visit Yellowstone.

Last week, the east entrances of Yellowstone National Park opened while the west entrances close to Bozeman will be opened up on June 1st.

Purestock/Getty Images

It didn't take too long for visitors to check out the park.

According to The Guardian, thousands of visitors from all over the United States flooded the park. Many of them not wearing masks.

Tourists from Florida, New York and California all came to the park this past weekend and with Memorial Day upon us, it could be even busier.

You can see how busy some of the park is by check out Yellowstone National Park's webcams.

These people know they have to quarantine before being out in public right?

So we wanted to ask you, will you be visiting Yellowstone anytime soon? And if you are, will you wear a mask? Vote below.

For more details, check out The Guardian.

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