With so many people and businesses coming to Bozeman, you would think this would be on the city's radar. 

Downtown Bozeman has been, and will always be, insanely busy during the summer-time. From the people walking around and checking out all the stores, to folks driving in and out, downtown has a lot of commotion. There is one issue with our downtown that if properly fixed, would make it so much better. No, I am not talking about a new store, either. 

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What does downtown Bozeman need, especially on Main Street? Turn lights. That's right, all downtown Bozeman needs is to add green arrow turn lights on Main Street stoplights. 

Photo by David Guenther via Unsplash
Photo by David Guenther via Unsplash

Why? Well, if you have driven on Main Street, you know how it's a nightmare trying to navigate around oncoming traffic if you're trying to turn left. It doesn't matter what time of day, traffic is constantly backed up in the summer. When you finally do get a break in the traffic, pedestrians crossing the adjacent street will surely stop you from actually making your turn. Every intersection on Main Street is horrible. 

With the growing population and the increasing number of tourists every year, this problem is only getting worse. 

Some folks think the biggest problem in downtown Bozeman is the parking. Parking has been an issue, but I think people should learn how to parallel park properly. That would solve a lot of problems. 

Adding a left turn light seems minor, but it would cut down on a lot of backed-up traffic and would keep the flow constant. Plus, it would be nice not to wait ten minutes to turn left on Rouse Avenue during rush hour. 

Do you think that would help Main Street in Bozeman? Let us know. 

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