Over this past weekend I was in Great Falls playing softball and my friends and I discovered a place that is not only incredible but it needs to come to Bozeman ASAP.

The Block Bar and Grill is a place where dreams come true. They make incredible and inventive grilled cheese sandwiches and more. The Block offers a full bar and had incredible local craft beers

Townsquare Media Bozeman
Townsquare Media Bozeman

Whether you are getting the Philly Cheese steak, the Flyin' Hawaiian(which tastes exactly like the pizza), BBQ Mac(pulled pork and Mac and Cheese on a sandwich) or you can even build your own. You will be in nirvana.

Oh did we forget to mention the dips you can get to come with your sandwich like tomato soup or even a pesto sauce? Yeah they have that and more.

My friends and I absolutely loved this place(we went there twice over the weekend) and it made me wonder, why hasn't a place like this opened in downtown Bozeman or even by the college?

Also, who doesn't love a great grilled cheese sandwich? Nobody.

It would absolutely crush the night time and college crowd. Plus, their prices aren't bad at all.

So what would be the problem with The Block opening in Bozeman?

The simple reasons, real estate is extremely expensive and getting a liquor license is tough in our county.

If they could get a spot near some of the big college bars (Rocking R, Bar IX, etc.) they would have an constant source of customers who don't have to drop a lot of money on incredible food they can enjoy every week.

We can dream can't we.



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