En route to his eighth sold-out show at Brooklyn's Barclays Center on Saturday, rap superstar Jay-Z decided to forego the cushy limos and travel like his fans do -- on the subway. But lest you think he just paid his fare and blended into the crowd, no. No he did not.

Before boarding the R Train To Brooklyn, Hova was surrounded by enough security to put the Secret Service to shame, and even though he was safely pressed against a tile wall, he looked a bit overwhelmed (and more than a little scared) by the crush of fellow commuters. And looking at the mayhem, it's hard to blame him.

Once he was on the train, he endured the shrieks of on-lookers and took probably the safest seat he could: Right next to a little old white lady who likely had no idea what all the fuss was about.

Eight stops later, he disembarked at the Atlantic St./Barclays Center station and walked to the arena for the last of more than a week's worth of packed concerts, during which the missus joined him on stage and put on quite a show. (Aw. It's nice that he's helping her get her career off the ground like that.)