Back in July, I did a blog about a new dating app called Hater that matches people's dislikes instead of interests, because we are in 2017 and the internet is getting weirder.

Well, the cool thing back then is they had a map of what every state disliked the most overall, and for Montana it was going to the gym.

Credit:mphillips007/Getty Images

Well, Hater released a new map and it's the most disliked food in each state, and for Montana it's pretty surprising. Many citizens here love the fall season, but apparently the most hated food is "Pumpkin Spice Anything," which I find hilarious.

Every store or restaurant will have something pumpkin spice this fall because that has been the trendy thing to have. It's good to see that the people of Montana reject that notion.

Do you agree about this? Let me know what your thoughts. Do you enjoy pumpkin spice?

If you want to check out the full map check out the article here.

Credit:PaoloScarlata/Getty Images

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