Before you freak out, think about how hard it must be to open a ski area adhering to current guidelines and having no idea what a few months from now will look like.

None of the following sounds convenient or fun but AT LEAST THERE'S GOING TO BE A SEASON. Could be much worse.

So here's what is currently included in the Bridger Bowl Winter Operation guidelines. These rules and guidelines are subject to change as state and county rules changes. Here's what we know now:

  • Bridger Bowl season passes are currently on sale for the 2020/2021 season
  • Bridger Bowl will be offering payment plans this year
  • You'll have to create a new account to purchase products for this year (passes, private or group lessons)
  • Bridger Bowl is hoping to open on or around December 4th, 2020 and remain open until early April 2021.
  • RESERVATION SYSTEM: "We plan to open with a reservation system in place for all ticket and season pass holders. Bridger will specify each group a percentage portion of the daily reservations available based on past indices. This number can and will vary depending on the day, week, month and be subject to re-distribution at any time. Opening week(s) will see us operating at our lowest reservation numbers to ensure all the operating departments can get up to speed without being overwhelmed."
  • The online portal where you buy your pass will be the same place where you will be making your "reservation". Yes, this is going to be confusing...certainly at first. Bridger has stated that families and groups will be able to make reservations together.
  • To make sure the area stays safe and clean, the seasonal lockers will NOT be in use this year. (Yes, folks have been notified.)
  • To adhere to proper guidelines, Bridger Bowl will have to limit the number of guests in eating areas and lodges. This will be challenging. As to not misinterpret anything, this is how Bridger Bowl is currently planning on operating:

With conformity to the standards put forth by the Gallatin County City Health Department as our goal, Bridger will be reducing capacity in all the mountain lodges.

There will be more options for grab and go and we will encourage guests to use their vehicles as their lodge, changing boots and eating in their car.

Restroom facilities will be open in all the buildings, cleaned and sanitized on enhanced schedules. Alpine Cabin will be open for use, but Snowflake Hut will be closed for the season.

Photo - Bridger Bowl
Photo - Bridger Bowl

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