Sounds like an amazing trip.

In Colorado every year they have a trip that sounds like a dream to anyone who loves good beer from breweries.

The Durango Brew Train, rides through Colorado mountains in an 1920's steam locomotive that is brimming with beer.


Passengers get to enjoy the beautiful scenery while carts go up and down the aisles with fantastic beer to sip.

Not only that but halfway through the trip they stop at a huge tent in the woods and have live music, food and even more beer from some of Colorado's best breweries.

The only downside is that this is all the way in Colorado, if Montana ever put one of these together it would be a smash hit.

Montana has been getting more recognition with its breweries from the Great Northern in Whitefish to Phillipsburg Brewing and all the fantastic establishments right here in Bozeman.

This would be huge.

For more details on the Durango Brew Train go here.