If you are new to the area you will want to make sure to avoid saying these phrases and getting under the skin of locals.

The Gallatin Valley has a lot of pride when it comes to being proud of living here and there are a lot of things to be proud of. The problem is, some new folks move to this area and say things that might be insensitive or rude and might not even know what they are saying.

So I thought I would help those folks out and help them agitating locals and making them roll their eyes because we all want to enjoy the Gallatin Valley the best we can,

  1. "There isn't any good beer here or I like the beer in Missoula better." First off, dead wrong. Yes, Missoula has some great breweries but Bozeman does too. From MAP Brewing to Outlaw to Mountains Walking and more, the Gallatin Valley is filled with fantastic breweries that offer great beer. If someone tries to tell you there is better beer in California, just walk away.
  2. "There is nothing to do here." I heard this a lot growing up by Flathead Lake and this is big city thinking. Just because we don't have amusement parks, big concerts every night, or a Dave & Buster's doesn't mean there isn't anything to do. There are a plethora of hikes to go on, a quaint little bowling alley, and lots of fun local events. You just have to look for them.
  3. "Trader Joe's is such a better grocery store than anything here." Um, no. We have some incredible local grocery stores that offer locally sourced items from the Bozeman Co-Op to Town & Country Foods, and more. I used to live near a Trader Joe's store and I think they are highly overrated.

Listen, we could make a massive list of these sayings but these are the ones I have heard the most this year so far and I am over it. So please, if you are new to the area, please remind yourself that Montana is about small-town living and respect it.

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