Both of these would be fun little road trips.

Listen, with Moods of the Madison Music Festival not happening this year I feel like these two music festivals could be fun little road trips. The great thing is both are happening in August and both have two different vibes, especially with their music. They're also relatively inexpensive.

This music festival is happening August 4th through the 6th and is very similar to Moods of the Madison. From the music to also having yoga and workshops, this is a festival that seems right for anyone who has enjoyed Moods of the Madison the past few years. A three-day pass right now is just $189 and that's a steal because they still haven't announced all the bands. The list already includes Beats Antique, The Expendables, Atmosphere and many, many others.

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One thing I like about this festival is all the different styles of camping you can do. Whether you are glam camping, RVing, or even tent camping, they have options for everyone. They also include an easy camping option where your tent is set up for you and provided by Outdoor Geeks. Check out for more info.

This sounds like a lot of fun. This festival is happening August 4th and 5th at the beautiful Gorge in Washington. The lineup is pretty great as well. From Pretty Lights to Atmosphere to STS9 and more, this could be up anyone's alley who enjoys the electronic music that has come in recent years to Moods of the Madison.

Tickets are also very inexpensive at just $84 for two days, but that doesn't include camping.

If you have never been to The Gorge for a concert you are seriously missing out. This might be your chance to see amazing artists perform together over a two-day period. Check out Live Nation for more details on the show.

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Both of these festivals are great choices to go check, out and hopefully by next year we will have Moods of the Madison back. This year, though, maybe we should road trip it to one of these festivals.

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