All of these restaurants are all worth the wait.

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This website called published the 10 Montana Restaurants That Are Hard to Get In But are Totally Worth the Wait. Four of the 10 are actually in the Gallatin Valley, and I have heard nothing but amazing things about every single one of these places, and one of them is also considered a Bozeman secret. I might get in trouble mentioning it, but I am going to because I think everyone should go try it for themselves. Here are the ones that are local that you should check out.


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    The Land of Magic Dinner Club, Logan

    I have been wanting to go this place for a while now and my parents really want to go there as well. I have heard nothing but amazing things about their delicious food and how it's totally worth the wait. Their menu is pretty much pure Montanan food. I was just looking over their menu, and I think I might need to make a trip out there this weekend. Check out their website for their menu and hours.

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    Blackbird Kitchen, Bozeman

    I keep forgetting this place is right in downtown Bozeman. They serve Italian food and every time I have walked by they are slammed with people. To check out their menu and get reservations go to

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    Sir Scott's Oasis, Manhattan

    I was just in Manhattan just the other day and I should have stopped by to grab a bite to eat but I feel like it would be better if I go with friends or a great group of people. Just about a 20-minute drive from Bozeman, and I heard this is the best steakhouse. They do not have a website but check out their Facebook Page.

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    Stockyard Cafe, Bozeman

    I might get a lot of heat for publishing this but Stockyard is considered a Bozeman secret. I love this place. Great for breakfast and it's straight out of the old days of Montana. Go early or you are definitely going to be waiting forever for a seat.

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