Standing for something you believe in is tough enough when you don't have your career and your whole fan-base depending on you. Taylor Swift was the decision-maker when it came to her latest album while everyone else told her it wasn't a good idea. The success of her album rested on Taylor's tiny shoulders. She talks about how she felt making those risky decisions and why she took her music off Spotify.

Featured in TIME Magazine, Taylor Swift rocks the cover and gets in depth about her one-woman decisions with the album 1989. She wasn't popular with her "people" as she expressed that she was standing by her decision to name the album 1989 and was called into question with every decision.

As far as Spotify goes, Taylor believes there's a value in art. Her art is music. If we continue NOT buying music, how does art have value. She is making a change she feels everyone else can do, too.

See excerpts of her interview HERE. Rock it, Taylor! #powerfulwoman