With folks being quarantined and the theaters being closed down for health reasons, Hollywood is making some big moves so you can see new releases in the comfort of your own home.

If you haven't heard, the past two weeks movies and TV shows have been either shut down and even big summer blockbusters like Disney's Mulan, Marvel's Black Widow and Fast 9 have been pushed back so this pandemic won't hurt their box office returns. (They are projected to lose between 17-20 billion dollars!)

The problem is that the movies in theaters right now are the ones that are suffering. Such as The Invisible Man, Harley Quinn and Disney's Onward.

With folks being forced to stay home and away from the public Universal and Warner Bros. are going to make their recent films available for rent through streaming services.

No word yet on what Disney will be doing for Onward but they will probably move Onward pretty quickly to Disney+.

It's a pretty genius idea, especially if they want to get the full box office potential of their movies with this virus going around.

So if you have to stay home and need something to watch, maybe you should rent one of the fantastic films that have come our recently.(We highly recommend Harley Quinn, The Gentlemen, or The Invisible Man.)

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