This joint was one of the restaurants that first welcomed me to Downtown Bozeman, and I will never forget it. 

Bozeman is a constantly changing town, whether businesses are getting replaced or new high rises are being constructed in their location. The one thing that you can rely on is something that will replace lucrative real estate. The thing is, some places will always hold a place in my heart. 

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When I first moved to Bozeman in late 2014, I was new to the city and didn't know where to go for a good meal. I was recommended places like Roost Chicken and found places like Burger Bob's and Pourhouse, but there is one restaurant that is dearly missed. 

John Bozeman's Bistro was on Main Street and was a semi-upscale restaurant. This restaurant had burgers, steaks, and fine dining, but had items like a bag of calamari(it was fantastic). John Bozeman's Bistro was a place I took dates and had great lunches with coworkers all the time. 

Sadly, John Bozeman's Bistro closed down in late 2016 after its owner filed for bankruptcy. Many locals were heartbroken when the restaurant closed down. Luckily, the restaurant location was replaced a great addition to downtown Bozeman. 

Backcountry Burger Bar replaced John Bozeman's Bistro and has been an exciting restaurant for the past few years. Backcountry Burger Bar's delicious burgers, fantastic beers, and kind service, Backcountry Burger Bar is a great lunch or dinner option. 

I have become an adamant fan of Backcountry Burger Bar since they opened. They have tasty burgers, but they also have delicious chicken sandwiches and poutine. 

Let's be honest, not all restaurant replacements are as successful or delicious as Backcountry Burger Bar. 

Is there any restaurant in the Bozeman area you miss? 

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