The Game may just have to shell out an even larger lump sum of money in the wake of his counteraction lawsuit against Viacom.

According to court documents, obtained by The Blast on July 29 and viewed by XXL, Viacom is seeking reimbursement for their exuberant legal fees which currently total $35,729.50. The media company claims this figure stems from a $20 million lawsuit brought on by The Game in the wake of sexual assault allegations mounted against him during the production of She Got Game.

As previously reported, the legal battle between the West Coast rapper and television network giant began to unravel after The Game was accused of physically assaulting a contestant on his short-lived VH1 reality TV series. Shortly after, the woman took The Documentary rapper to court and he was hit with a $7.1 million judgement. However, The Game felt he was not only wrongfully accused but also not at fault due to Viacom casting a person of "questionable character" and demanded the media company be held for liable.

A judge, however, didn't agree with The Game and dismissed his case, and now Viacom feels like he should also have to foot their legal bill as well. Stay tuned for more details as this story continues to develop.

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