You could go anywhere in Montana and find a fantastic steakhouse. Whether you want fancy or historic, there are quite a few to choose from.

Love Food came out with a list of Each State's Best Steakhouse and this is a pleasantly surprising choice. Honestly, I have heard of this spot but never have had the opportunity to go try this spot but now I have to try it out soon. The best steakhouse in Montana is the Lolo Creek Steakhouse in Lolo, Montana.

The Lolo Creek Steakhouse has been in business for over thirty years and is a pillar of the community. Just right off the highway and always a popular spot on the weekends, the Lolo Creek Steakhouse is known for its big cuts of steaks and great atmosphere. I'm getting the meat sweats just thinking about how delicious this place must be.

Lolo Creek Steakhouse via Facebook
Lolo Creek Steakhouse via Facebook

We have talked about steakhouses in Montana in the past and we have seen Montana's Rib and Chop House was chosen in the past but I love it when a big list chooses a small-town location that probably means a lot to their community. There are many places like the Lolo Creek Steakhouse around us from Stacey's Old Faithful Saloon to Sir Scott's Oasis to the Land of Magic. We are genuinely spoiled when it comes to a fantastic steakhouse near and far in Montana.

So if you are hankering for a great steak and are near the Missoula area, you might want to pop on over to Lolo and try the best steakhouse in Montana.

For more details, check out Love Food.

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