I'll be honest, I had one of these sandwiches earlier this week.

When you think of sandwiches your thoughts may go towards peanut butter and jelly, roast beef or event a BLT. The question is the what best sandwich for the state of Montana? Thankfully, we now have that answer.

Food Insider is a YouTube channel with well over two million subscribers and made a video of the Best Sandwich in Every State and I had to find out what they would choose for Montana and they choose wisely for once.

Here's the video, hopefully it's timestamped for just Montana but if not you can fast forward to 6:09 mark in the video.

The pork chop sandwich is staple of not only Montana culture but Butte culture as well. Pork Chop John's still operates in Butte today where you can get one of these delicious sandwiches but you can also get them in Bozeman as well.

Even though we don't have a Pork Chop John's location anymore, you can grab a delicious pork chop sandwich from Brewsker's(the old Pork Chop John's location), Burger Bob's and The Cat's Paw.

If you have never had a pork chop sandwich I highly recommend one. They are not only crispy on the outside but soft and tender on the inside. It's a perfect sandwich for any day of the week.

Do you agree that the pork chop sandwich is the best choice for Montana? Or do you think there is another choice? Let us know.

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